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What is Titan Telecom?

Titan telecom is a telecommunications broker that assists businesses of all sizes in finding the best in class phone, Internet, and cloud service providers available in your area – all without charge or added cost to you.

If it doesn’t cost me anything, then how do you guys make money?

The provider of your choosing pays us a commission. Much like a realtor assisting a buyer is paid a commission from the seller, so are we for bringing you to your voice, data, or cloud service provider of choice. In both cases, the buyer (you) does not pay the commission earned by the agent.

What’s the advantage of using a telecommunications broker?

We understand that shopping for a new voice, data, or cloud service provider can be a real challenge with all the technical details, acronyms, and options to sort through – and that’s not even counting the time and effort involved. We understand telecom, so just tell us what you need and let us go to work for you. We also let every carrier know they will be competing for your business against multiple bids, causing them to bring their best pricing to the table.

Are you reselling any carriers?

No. We do not resell services from any carrier in any way. We simply consult with you to assess your needs and find the best providers for the best value to accomplish your goals.

What happens after installation?

After your services are installed, our work is done. Should you require technical support or customer care, you will contact your service provider directly.

Who do we call for technical support/customer care?

You will contact your provider directly for technical support or any questions related to your account. However, if you have a need that you feel is not being properly addressed, we can request escalation of a trouble ticket through your provider’s agent channel manager.